Training & Capacity Building

  • Lead fellowship/alumni of fellows
  • Courses: sustainability, ES management, media & development, CC, Governance

Partnerships and Networks

  • Lead fellowship;
  • Working with corporates and deliver relevant partnership;
  • Mapping and tracking achievements of SDGs and other key global conventions;
  • Research support;
  • Capacity building for corporates

Policy & Practice Influencing

  • Partnerships;
  • Knowledge brokering between generators of knowledge and consumers
  • Convening (high-level), around issues that are relevant, demand driven and contextual

Sustainable Use of Natural Capital

  • Addressing complex issues of deepening poverty, burgeoning populations, and degradation;
  • Community support into sustainable use of assets;
  • Promoting uptake under sustainable/ renewable energy;
  • Capacity building for corporates especially around sustainability, planet-before-profit and sense of community;
  • Promote conservation roundtables to engender equity and justice in protected area management;
  • Shared value approach.

Knowledge Management

  • Climate change newsroom
  • Documentation and dissemination out outputs of proceedings in a round table and own publications