Leadership in Environment and Development in East and Horn of Africa

LEAD-EHA is engaged with contemporary issues relating to sustainability and the urgent change that needs to be made to protect our planet. Check out some compelling insights towards material on climate change here. LEAD EHA is also in the process of lining up a bouquet of events and exciting engagements on sustainability and resources relating to the “Planet Before Profit” movement in the next few months. Watch this space!

LEAD EHA is globally connected through our regional and international partners: Lead International, Lead Southern and Eastern Africa. We are driven by the mantra of acting locally but thinking globally. Lead EHA is  growing up fast! The issues cannot wait.


The passion behind the birth and growth of LEAD-EHA is the desire to tackle an ever-increasing challenge of poverty, growing populations, reduced food production capacity, increasing ecological degradation and effects of a changing climate. We aim to continue and enhance partnerships with like-minded organisations and individuals with a resolute ambition to ‘leave no one behind’. One of the key policies of LEAD-EHA is to build a robust leadership capacity for all sectors in a sustainable development, the philosophy of planet before profit and an all-inclusive development frame work that guides decision making.

Recent Blogs

Why leadership in the East and Horn of Africa region?

We believe that many of the problems in the East and Horn of Africa region require visionary, transformational and inspiring leadership in order to be addressed.

This cuts across all spheres of society, including political, business, academic, social and ecological. Then, and only then, will sustainability cease to be a talk-shop topic, and become the backbone of decision making, investment and development.